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Iran’s Inter-Elite Split Could Spell Trouble for Russia’s Energy Interests in Europe

Iran’s energy ambitions and Russia: more a challenge, less a threat

Forging the Community of Common Destiny for all Mankind: Role of Russia

And some arms control issues from Russian perspective 
31.05.2016КозинVladimir Kozin

The Third Formidable U.S. Provocation with Global Implications

The USA laid a powerful destabilizing mine under the Russian-Romanian and Russian-Polish relations
20.05.2016КозинVladimir Kozin

Pakistan and India «Trade Off» Allies, KSA and China Start a Cold War

Pakistan and India appear willing to «trade off» allies with one another, «exchanging» their privileged partnerships with the Saudis and Russians

Crowdfunding The Color Revolution

The Russian government needs to know who is donating to what from where and how frequently

Polarized Poland: The Identity Crisis Goes International

The nationwide protests that have rocked Poland over the past couple of months have been completely misrepresented in the international media, even among outlets that are editorially sympathetic to one side or the other
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