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Hidden Targets of the New US anti-Russian Sanctions

Not the last of them – Germany’s economic growth and political ambitions undermine

Electoral Dance of Brazilian Justice

What will be the consequences of a guilty verdict to the former Brazilian President?
18.07.2017Dmitry Burykh

Merkel Offers G20 a Partnership with Africa

Why countries of the Black continent are not interested in this initiative

G20 Summit Climatic Results

Can Germany and France to persuade the USA in the benefits of the Paris agreement?
10.07.2017Dmitry Lyzhin

G20 Hamburg Summit: a Bad Peace is Better Than a Good Quarrel

Unexpected findings by summit communique results
10.07.2017Sergey Karataev

The Korean Peninsula: Dialogue Without Preconditions

Tougher sanctions against North Korea are useless
05.07.2017Andrey Gubin
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