About us

According to Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 290 On the Federal State Budgetary Institution the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies dated 27 April 2020, the major purpose of the Institute is the information and analytical support of the federal governmental bodies when forming strategic directions of the governmental policy in the area of national security of the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the Institute are as follows:

a) studying current international and political-military problems, issues of the military and military-industrial policies of the countries all over the world, the social-political and economic situations in the neighbouring countries and determining the development prospects for bilateral relations of the Russian Federation with other countries;

b) examining and assessing targets and programmes of governmental policy in the area of national security of the Russian Federation;

c) studying problems and development trends in international economic relations, the global market environment, the economic policy of major partners of the Russian Federation;

d) analysing and forecasting the sequence of events in different countries and regions which can cause crisis situations, as well as developing suggestions on the ways and methods of handling such situations.


Mikhail Fradkov

RISS Director

Igor Borovkov

Igor Borovkov

Deputy RISS Director, Head of the Center for Research Coordination


Vladimir Kosarev

Deputy RISS Director


Aleksandr Panov

Deputy RISS Director, Head of Support Service Activities


Konstantin Kokarev

Chief Counselor to the RISS Director


Oksana Petrovskaya

Chief Editor of "National Strategy Issues"

Larisa Usova

Larisa Usova

Head of Organizational-Administrative Department