Russian-Abkhazian ties gain geopolitical significance

Azhdar None Kurtov

Opportunities for Moscow-Sukhum economic cooperation are quite abundant

Elections as the Broken Mirror of the American Society

Ilya Kravchenko

One of the most intense presidential races in US history is over

RISS expert on the interest of Russians in four-day working week

Mikhail None Belyaev

Progressive technologies will lead to a reduction in working days

Russia has no plans to interfere in Kyrgyz political crisis

Protests against the outcome of the latest parliamentary polls continue in Kyrgyzstan

Germany to Complete Nord Stream 2 Despite US Pressure

Mikhail None Belyaev

Berlin's position on Nord Stream 2 is based on its economic interests

Trump vs Biden: Non-handshakable Debate

Ilya Kravchenko

Trump-Biden debate once again demonstrated that it is just a show

Prospects for Development of Iran’s Transport Infrastructure

Ekaterina None Andreeva

Tehran is focused on building up port infrastructure and railway corridors to become a major logistics hub

Geopolitical Issues Concerning Development of South Asia’s Transport Corridors

South Asia is becoming theater for fierce competition between various powers

Republicans "in Position of Power" to Pack the Supreme Court

Ilya Kravchenko

The Supreme Сourt plays a very significant role in the US political life

The US National Policy in the Area of Artificial Intelligence

Yaroslav None Selyanin

Washington considers superiority in this area as one of necessary conditions for the US global dominance