Why US invents Russia-Taliban collusion fake news

Russia-Taliban bounty scandal over information about Moscow’s collusion with the Taliban shows the political struggle in the USA, RISS expert Anna Glazova says. "The most ridiculous fake news is invented and actively spread among the American society. Such fake news may affect the further steps taken by the White House in the foreign policy arena," she outlined.

Glazova drew attention to the fact that Trump had put an end to a senseless and expensive war in Afghanistan. "It is a total victory of the American leader. But now, due to the fake stories, agreements between the US and the Taliban may be violated," she pointed out.

RISS expert recalled that Russia, the Taliban, and the Pentagon denied information about the alleged "collusion" between Russia and the Taliban. Unfortunately, no one pays attention to this fact. The American media is concerned about whether Trump had access to this information. Both Director of National Intelligence and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency are involved in a political struggle, and this can have a bad impact on the national security of the United States, Glazova underscores.

It is now clear that Washington will try to denigrate Russia during the US upcoming elections, RISS expert says. "Russia is becoming a litmus test for a highly polarized American society. Unfortunately, even after the presidential elections, American society's split will not disappear. The political split there is closely linked to economic and social problems," she concluded.

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