Europe defeated US in the Nord Stream 2 dispute

Berlin and Paris have reached a compromise on the Nord Stream 2 project – now it can't be blocked. RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says that Europe defeated US in the Nord Stream 2 dispute and demonstrated its political independence. "Europe once again demonstrated to the world hegemon that it is not almighty and its dictate is not absolute, as the future wellbeing of the EU countries is on the scales," he underscored.

Countries opposed to the Nord Stream 2 will accept this decision reluctantly, the expert said. In particular, he is talking about Ukraine and Poland. "In any case, it is more reliable for Russia to run a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea than to stretch it across the territories of countries that reject all Russian initiatives. The US is also very dissatisfied with the independence of Europe after its decision to construct this gas pipeline," he said.

M.Belyaev recalled that any political agreement is built on real economic basis. "In this case, once again we see that the economy, which determines the further development of Europe, also determines the political course. Economics affects politics a lot," he pointed out. If Germany and France get a solid basis for the consolidation of their domestic economic positions, it will also have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the whole Europe. When there is an alternative to get cheaper fuel, the solution is quite obvious. After all, it is not only about business and profit, but also about the financial stability of European countries, the analyst concluded.

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