The Head of Syrian Kurdistan's representative office in Moscow visits RISS

Rodi Osman, Head of the Representative Office of Democratic Self-Government of the Western (Syrian) Kurdistan in Russia, and Elena Suponina, Adviser RISS Director, held a meeting at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies on June 27, 2016.

Reshad Benav, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Western Kurdistan, Farkhat Patiev, Chairman of the Council of the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Kurds of the Russian Federation, and Rafael Enikeev, research fellow of the Centre for Asia and the Middle East, also participated in the meeting. They discussed the development of military-political situation in Syria in light of the fight against terrorism, in which the Kurds take an active part, scarifying their soldiers’ lives to save peaceful civilians and the future of the country.

During the meeting were raised questions about political settlement of the Syrian conflict, in which Russia is one of the major international mediators. The Russian side stressed the fundamental support for the unity of Syria and the preservation of its territorial integrity.

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