Turkey Wants to Take a Bite of "Gas Pie"

The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is heating up

The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean is heating up. Tensions between France and Turkey over Libya and Mediterranean gas fields have escalated. According to the agreement between Turkey and Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA), Ankara lays claim to the shelf area, which is considered to be its own by Athens. Now relationship between France, Turkey, and Greece depends on resolving the situation in Libya, where the GNA is in a state of civil war with the Libyan National Army (LNA) that is backed by Paris, RISS expert Maria Makhmutova says.

As for gas extraction, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, and Israel don't want Turkey to take a bite of "gas pie". Ankara has already stressed that it would conduct drilling activities there. In fact, Turkey is forcing Greece and Cyprus to sit at the negotiating table to cede to Turkey some continental shelf areas, RISS expert underscores.

"It is worth pointing out that NATO as one of the oldest organizations has powerful institutions that assist in overcoming various international contradictions. Regarding the gas conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean, the only question now is who will be more persistent in trying to achieve its goals," Maria Makhmutova concluded.

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