Future of Israel-UAE-Bahrain Peace Accords Under Question

The treaty serves mostly the US trade and economic interests

Bahrain, Israel, the UAE, and the USA have signed the Abraham Peace Accords to normalise diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv. Washington has succeeded in mediating two peace treaties establishing relations between Israel and two Gulf countries. This agreement will serve mostly the US trade and economic interests, RISS expert Victoriya Gorbatova points out. As a result of the deal, the UAE was able to purchase high-tech weapons from the United States, she explained.

The peace treaty is also an opportunity for Washington to focus on countering China and Russia. As for stability in the region as a whole, much also depends on the future of this treaty. It is not yet known whether the Arab world will be committed to the peace initiative after a possible change in the US administration. It is also unclear how the White House will guarantee the implementation of the agreement.

"There are still some problems that reveal the pitfalls of the agreement. According to the treaty, the status of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Temple Mount remains unclear. Thus, the future of Israel-UAE-Bahrain peace accords is under question," RISS expert concluded.

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