Trump vs Biden: Non-handshakable Debate

Trump-Biden debate once again demonstrated that it is just a show

Trump-Biden presidential debate distinguishes from all previous disputations with a level of passion and intensity that have rarely been seen, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko says. From his viewpoint, "this is something America has not seen for a long time." Both Trump, who was already expected to be sarcastic, and Biden, who previously had a slightly different reputation, threw barbs at each other.

American media described Trump-Biden debate as superficial, Kravchenko underscored. Both candidates were not eager to make compromises, although they held diametrically opposite opinions on various issues. The most unpleasant thing for the Americans was that nothing new except mutual insults was heard during the debate. Biden behaved quite decently during the debate, so his barbs over his opponent were not entirely appropriate. At the same time, pre-prepared one-liners distinguished Biden as a more experienced and confident politician, Kravchenko pointed out.

It was also no coincidence that the debate raised the issue of the Senate control. Both Democrats and Republicans are wary of a situation when the candidate from one of the parties wins but the Senate majority will comprise the rival party members. This can cause enormous difficulties when approving candidates for the courts. All legislative procedures might be stalled, RISS expert stressed.

According to him, there would be a more exciting vice presidential debate between conservative Mike Pence and left-wing Kamala Harris. "Trump-Biden debate has once again demonstrated that it is just a show. Only time will display the further politicians' steps," RISS expert concluded.

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