Germany to Complete Nord Stream 2 Despite US Pressure

Berlin's position on Nord Stream 2 is based on its economic interests

Germany's position on Nord Stream 2 is likely to be based on its economic interests, RISS expert Mikhail Belyaev says.

"Unfortunately, politics was mixed up in this purely economic project. The US claims that Nord Stream 2 is not an economical project at all and it would be much more profitable for Europe if America supplies it with liquefied gas," he underscored. At the same time, Washington is exerting huge political pressure on the EU by applying sanctions to those vessels that were involved in this project. The United States also threatens to impose sanctions on those companies that will be involved in the pipeline laying.

From the expert's viewpoint, Germany is seeking to build a solid economic foundation that will allow it to be less dependent on the United States. Russia supplies 40% of the EU gas consumption. Pipeline transport is the most reliable and cheap way of transportation. It is so profitable that German Chancellor Angela Merkel offered the United States to build two liquefied natural gas terminals that are estimated to be worth 2 billion euros. It was also proposed to lift restrictions on the Nord Stream 2.

By building a solid economic foundation, Berlin will be able to maintain the economic stability of the entire European community. This would make Germany the undisputed European leader and allow it to take a tougher stance in world politics without looking back at the United States, RISS expert concluded.

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