RISS expert on the interest of Russians in four-day working week

Progressive technologies will lead to a reduction in working days

Mikhail Belyaev said that public sector workers who have a shorter working week receive the same salary as it was. For employees with income depending on the number of days worked, it will be unprofitable to reduce working days.

“There are people who first worked 6 days a week, and then there was a transition to five days. Of course, it should be borne in mind that with an increase in labor productivity and the return on scientific and technological progress, in order to avoid an oversupply of goods and a crisis of overproduction, there will be a decrease in working days to four. For this reason, people will have to rest for three days. Most likely, no one will worry about this,” said the specialist.

It is worth recalling that earlier information appeared that the Russians changed their point of view regarding the reduction of the working week. The number of people who supported the initiative decreased. Most opponents are worried about a possible drop in income.

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