Donald Trump continues struggle for the hearts of supporters

Since mid-December 2020, it has become obvious that Donald Trump will not be able to overhaul the results of the presidential elections. Why did he take all those actions aimed at accusing Democrats of voting fraud?

RISS expert Sergey Mikhailov believes that Trump is trying to maintain his influence on the Republican Party, given his popularity among ordinary Republicans. If he manages to keep it, the president will have an opportunity to build a new influence vertical in American politics.

The Democrats' attempts to impeach Donald Trump have the opposite goal: to prevent Trump from participating in the 2024 presidential elections, since the person who was impeached loses the right to run for public office.

The RISS expert drew attention to the fact that the police guarding the Capitol were reacting quite blandly to the attempts to enter its territory. He suggested that either there were many Trump supporters among the law enforcement officers, or it was a deliberate provocation to accuse the Trumpists of an attempted coup. The scholar compares this situation with the Reichstag arson in 1933, in which Nazis blamed the Communists. Later, this provocation was used as a reason to ban the Communist Party of Germany. These days, Democrats use the "assault" on the Capitol in a similar way to exert all-round pressure on Trump supporters.

However, according to Mikhailov, his associates have already shown the ability to maintain cohesion in the face of prolonged informational and psychological pressure. The Democrats' use of leading US media and social networks to block President Trump's messages will only encourage his supporters to search for alternative information and communication resources.

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