Trump Impeachment May Lead to Compressed Spring Effect

The US Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has begun

Ilya Kravchenko, the consultant of RISS director, supposes that the trial is very important considering the current state of the US political system, because it may affect the system future development. Donald Trump is accused of inciting the attempted insurrection. In order to impeach the former president, the 50 Democrats in the Senate would need at least 17 more Republican votes, which is highly unlikely to happen. The question arises: why is the trial necessary? According to Kravchenko, the Democrats are targeting at the maximum image loss to Donald Trump.

Trump impeachment has become a symbol of strong conflicts between the Democrats and Republicans, the expert stresses. The more the Democrats manage to deny Trump's accomplishments, the stronger the Republican response will be in the next presidential election. It may lead to an even greater destabilisation of the US political system, an increase in internal tensions and radicalisation of the society, Kravchenko concludes.

Trump impeachment