Joseph Biden Assumed the Office of the US President

The inauguration of the 46th US President, Joseph Biden, on 20 January became a landmark event in the American history, says Ilya Kravchenko, a consultant to the RISS Director

"Biden has become the second Catholic ever elected to this office over the last decades, and he is also the oldest one elected. Most importantly, he becomes the President during one of the most stressful periods in the history of the United States," he said.

The analyst noted that, in addition to the coronavirus epidemic and the "coronavirus crisis" that have strongly hit the United States, this country is also experiencing a period of the political polarisation. The polarisation is observed both along the party line — between the Republicans and the Democrats, and along the ideological line — between the liberals and the conservatives.

According to the expert, the abundance of executive orders issued by the predecessor will create a problem for the new US President. Kravchenko underlined that, paradoxically, Biden will most likely issue many executive orders like Trump.

"Biden is kind of a mirror image of Trump. When Trump became the President, he focused on revising the policy of his predecessor, Barack Obama. We see that the first steps and even the speech of the new President are inspired with the desire to change, renew and reset a lot. The President wants to overcome a "heavy legacy" and only then bring something new," the analyst said.

He drew attention to the fact that the inauguration was unlike previous inaugurations. Washington was in the "state of siege." Trump left the capital in a marked manner, and dozens of thousands of armed security officials were enduring the safety of the new President.

The expert noted that this was a very symbolic beginning of the Biden presidency. Despite his attempts to position himself as a progressive leader, his term of office starts in the state of emergency in the capital. At the same time, Biden's desire to have the image of an advanced politician contrasts with his persistent attacks on his predecessor.

“The things that began under Trump are unlikely to end in the near term. Biden is most likely not to be free of his mistakes. The President has to at least partially embody the ideas of progressive left-wing democrats who make up a part of his electorate, and this worries the establishment," the analyst summarised.

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