USA Declassifies Indo-Pacific Strategy

Declassification of the strategic framework for US policy in the Indo-Pacific region before the President Donald Trump left office was intended to fix the US course in this part of the world for the future, supposes Sergey Mikhailov, the senior expert of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

Another purpose of this step was to raise the credibility of the former US administration among the US establishment.

The analyst pointed out that the main objectives of the strategy were not achieved. Washington failed to slow down China's development. On the contrary, the Chinese economy continues to grow rapidly against the crisis phenomena in the US during the coronavirus pandemic. The attempt to constrain North Korea's nuclear ambitions failed as well. Pyongyang has not given up and has no intention of giving up its nuclear weapons despite Trump's active contacts with Kim Jong-un.

According to Robert O'Brien, Trump's national security advisor, the US Presidential administration adopted the document back in 2017. It outlines meaningful actions in the Indo-Pacific region with its primary goal being to weaken China's influence. RISS expert notes that in recent years Washington has consistently implemented anti-Chinese measures. In particular, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QSD) between the United States, Japan, Australia, and India aimed at it. The US made efforts to prevent China's scientific and technological development and also actively supported countries that were concerned about China's rise in the region. As a part of this process, the White House emphasised the development of relations with India.

According to the analyst, the Republican administration intended to demonstrate a strategic focus on China and the consistency of its foreign policy by publishing the concept of the US policy in the Indo-Pacific region. Now it will be quite difficult for the new United States government to abandon the steps outlined in the document and already being implemented.

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