RISS Establishes Connections with the Kamchatka Territory

On 16th February, RISS Director M.Fradkov held a meeting with V.Solodov, the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory

The RISS Director told the Governor about the major directions of the Institute’s research activities related to international problems and the Russian domestic policy. They confidentially exchanged their views about new trends in the development of global and regional events and processes which affect the interests of the Russian Federation.

V.Solodov informed of the prospects and the strategy evolved in regard to the social-economic development of the Kamchatka Territory, as well as the ecological objectives. A particular emphasis was made on the importance of environmental conservation, development of the green economy, provision of ecological well-being of the peninsula’s inhabitants, and formation of environmental consciousness. These objectives are at the forefront of the activities of the Kamchatka’s government. The Governor mentioned the importance of work on conservation and augmentation of aquatic bioresources, development of new business and tourism directions, as well as international cooperation in the scientific area.

They discussed the possible directions of cooperation between the Kamchatka Territory and the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, including the arrangement of joint research, involvement of the region into the international scientific work, use of the Institute’s possibilities to present project research carried out on the peninsula.

Fradkov Kamchatka