RISS Director's Article Published in The Eurasian

Issue 10 (39) of The Eurasian journal, published in three languages: Russian, English, and Chinese, came out in late March 2021

It included an article submitted by RISS Director M.Fradkov and titled 'The Results and Prospects of the Development of the Eurasian Union'. The paper notes that the RISS is carefully analysing the development dynamics of the relations between the EAEU member states and is pleased to note the ongoing expansion of integration processes within this Union, which was masterminded back in 1994 by the first president of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev.

The paper also emphasises that throughout its mere five years of history the Eurasian Economic Union has completed a momentous journey of growth and development. In December 2020 heads of the EAEU member states approved the development strategy up to 2025; it contains a detailed description of all integration tracks, the main guidelines for further steady progress along the path towards enhancing the processes of creating common markets for goods, services, capital and labour resources, and shared plans for the discovery and resolution of other pressing socio-economic issues.

The paper analyses a number of significant benchmarks achieved over the past few months. These achievements are proof that the member states are becoming more and more interested in adding new content to the traditional mutually beneficial, constructive and diverse cooperative connections, which is especially relevant in the current uneasy climate in global economic relations, muddled by trade wars and sanctions.

Finally, the author notes that the past year, 2020, notable for its challenges and tensions, proved that our peoples were right to chart the course towards integration and collaborate and support one another as business partners that bring mutual benefits.

EAEU Fradkov