Ukraine's Military Security Strategy: Dreams and Reality

Ukraine has adopted a new military security strategy

RISS expert Oleg Nemensky explains that according to this document, the strategy is aimed at a proactive and comprehensive defence of the nation, built upon the principles of restraint, sustainability and cooperation. The idea is to ensure Ukraine's military security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. The strategy also emphasises that a key priority is to integrate Ukraine into the Euro-Atlantic community and obtain NATO membership.

According to this doctrine, Russia poses an 'existential threat' to Ukraine. Therefore, the nation will be paying special attention to an ideological resistance against Russia. Ukraine also hopes that its Western allies will help protect it. The expert believes that in this document the current Ukrainian government is holding Russia accountable for the decline in the Ukrainian economy and quality of life.

Oleg Nemensky further comments that rather than striving to achieve specific milestones for the good of its people, Ukraine's entire current policy is focused on combatting an external enemy, which is declared as the ultimate goal in and of itself. He notes that Ukraine thereby reveals that it sees itself as nothing more than a tool for restraining Russia, as part of the geopolitical resistance mentioned in the doctrine. To achieve this, Ukraine is ready to provide both resources and territory. At the same time, Kyiv does not even mention any positive plans for the future founded on national interest.

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