RISS Discussed the Topic of the Black Sea Region

The Black Sea Region in the System of International Relations round table chaired by Deputy RISS Director Igor Borovkov took place at the RISS on 14th April

The meeting was attended by Dmitry Birichevsky, Director of the Department on Economic Cooperation at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Zykov, Deputy Director of the Fourth European Department at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vitaly Zbarashchenko, Vice-President of the International Transport Academy, Irina Svistunova, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, the RAS Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Marina Kolesnikova, Researcher at the Department of Black & Mediterranean Sea Studies of the RAS Europe Institute, as well as employees of the RISS Centre for Research Coordination.

The participants highlighted the key components of the regional political process. Particular attention was paid to security issues and the prospects for the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation formats. The RISS experts and guests exchanged views on the reasons for the escalation of regional tension and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to intensify the search for points of convergence with regard to the national interests of the Black Sea countries.

The discussion focused also on the expansion of the regional infrastructural capabilities in the context of the growing economic and political interest in the Black Sea shown by China, the EU, and the United States.

During the discussion several speakers advocated the need for further constructive development of the dialogue between Russia and Turkey as the main geopolitical players, aimed at finding mutually acceptable solutions in areas of bilateral interest.

The Crimean issues were discussed at the round table. The participants noted the progressive development of the recognition by the international community of the irreversible reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation.

Black Sea round table