RISS Analyzed Civilizational Development of Central Asia

The Civilizational Development Prospects of Central Asia conference concluded on May 27th

RISS Director M.Fradkov chaired the event. Experts from the Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS, Institute of Geography of RAS, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of RAS, Moscow State University, and Orenburg State University participated in the event.

During the opening of the conference, when discussing problems of integrating the Russian Federation with Central Asian states, it was noted that the priorities, as a rule, lie with political and economic cooperation, including the development of transport infrastructure. However, the cultural and historical basis of this important interaction is often neglected.

Participants at the event analyzed the deep civilizational bonds that Russia shares with the governments and nations of Central Asia: these bonds have a tremendous impact on the prospects of Eurasian integration. The experts emphasized the role of Russian language and culture as factors for integration; they also highlighted the importance of Russia's broad spectrum of interests for the Central Asia.

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