Mikhail Fradkov addressed the Eastern Economic Forum

On September 4th, RISS Director Mikhail Fradkov took part in the panel session «The Value and Values of the Greater Eurasian Partnership» at the Eastern Economic Forum (ЕEF) via videoconference.

In his speech, Mr. Fradkov noted that the Greater Eurasian Partnership, based on the principles of equality, mutual respect, and consideration for each other's interests, creates new opportunities for fruitful cooperation on the continent in the context of the formation of a new polycentric system of international relations.

The RISS Director emphasized that, according to experts, the creation of a single database on international transport corridors could be promising for the countries of Greater Eurasia. It should contain information on directions, tariffs, conditions and terms of transportation, available modes of transportation, and route congestion. Partnership in this area offers additional opportunities for the harmonization of tariff policies and requirements for cross-border cargo.

According to Mr. Fradkov, today there is an understanding of the common goals of economic and technological development, the importance of ensuring the health and safety of people, including in the situation of combatting the pandemic and climate change. Indeed, only through joint efforts and cooperative ties underpinned by flexible integration structures can the current challenges be met. These structures foster gradual, multi-level, and multi-speed interaction of partners with consideration of their interests, competence, and potential.

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