Great-Power Memory and Prospects for Territorial Changes in Central and Southeastern Europe

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies held a round table called «Great-power memory and prospects for territorial changes in Central and Southeastern Europe» on November 26th. RISS experts and as well as the invited speakers from MGIMO and the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences shared their views on this matter.

The participants discussed the foreign policy ambitions of regional countries, their relations with neighbors and their foreign diasporas, historical politics, popular geopolitical concepts, and trends in public opinion. Projects of great-power forms of statehood, ideas for achieving the status of influential power and a leader in regional integration, some disputes over interpretations of pan-European history, and old contradictions between neighboring countries were considered as well. Particular attention was paid to the role and geopolitical ambitions of Germany and Turkey as major states that have been exerting considerable influence in the region for centuries.

The participants also noted the importance of the discussed issues and expressed keen interest in their colleagues' reports.

geopolitics Central and Eastern Europe round table