RISS Considered Modern Trends in US Domestic Politics

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies held a roundtable discussion on «Current trends in the US domestic politics» on December 10th. The meeting was attended by the Head of the Center for Internal Policy Studies of ISKRAN, N.M. Travkina, senior research fellow in ISKRAN, P.G. Koshkin, the Head of the Center for Strategic Planning Studies IMEMO RAN, S.V. Kislitsyn, Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Sociology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Candidate of Political Sciences, P.S. Kanevskiy, and RISS subject matter experts.

The participants discussed growing crises of the US political leadership, causes of the increasing polarization in the American public, as well as the Biden's administration main steps in domestic politics.

domestic politics USA round table