RISS Held Russian-South Korean Seminar

The Russian Institute of Strategic Studies held the Russia-Korea international seminar on «The Situation in North-East Asia: Russia's relations with North and South Korea» on December 16th. RISS Director M.E. Fradkov gave a welcome speech. From the Korean side, experts from the Korean Institute for National Unification (KINU) took part in the event.

The participants discussed the economic situation in Northeast Asia, the current state and prospects for economic cooperation between Russia and the countries of the Korean peninsula, as well as the problems of ensuring regional security. In particular, the experts exchanged their views on the influence of the US factor, regional and global initiatives, as well as the post-pandemic impact on the economic interests and security of the countries of the region.

The panelists supported the idea of deepening the cooperation between RISS and KINU to expand economic and cultural ties between Russia and South Korea along with strengthening security in Northeast Asia.

South Korea seminar Mikhail Fradkov KINU