Russian President V.V. Putin awarded Order of Courage to RISS Director M.E. Fradkov

The presentation of state awards took place at the Kremlin's St Catherine Hall on February 2nd.

Addressing the awardees, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin stressed: «Your achievements have opened up new horizons in various fields and continue to do so; they serve Russia’s modern development, make a great contribution to its successful future, and provide an example of dedication, duty, determination and daring to make difficult and often out-of-the-box decisions.»

Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies M.E. Fradkov was awarded the Order of Courage.

«It is a high honor to receive an order from you today, which is a sign of deepest and true respect among the defenders of the Fatherland. It is very important for me that this happened now when the situation calls for the mobilization of forces of everyone who doesn't care about its own ambitions, but the fate of our country. In this solemn atmosphere, I would like to wish you courage in making decisions, which I have no doubt will be correct, objective and well-reasoned. I want you to keep on serving in your post as long as possible, not only as the guarantor of the Constitution, but also as the guarantor of our security," said Mikhail Fradkov in his remarks.

Vladimir Putin Mikhail Fradkov