RISS Assessed Prospects for the Development of the Russian Arctic Zone

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a round table on the «Prospects for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation amid Western countries' sanctions» on June 27th. The event gathered Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Yu.P. Ampilov, Professor of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University M.L. Lagutina, Deputy Head of the Department of Economics of Research and Development for International Cooperation of St. Petersburg State University N.A. Polyakov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences M.N. Grigoriev, associate professor of St. Petersburg State University N.K. Kharlampieva, and RISS profile experts.

The participants discussed the creation of the conditions for economic growth in the Arctic regions, the prospects for the Northern Sea Route development and ways to ensure the transport connectivity of Russian regions. Particular attention was paid to development of the natural resource potential of the Russian Arctic zone and the prospects for the replacement of foreign technologies in the extractive industries. The experts noted the importance of maintaining international cooperation in the circumpolar region when Western countries refused to participate in the work of the key regional forum - the Arctic Council.

Arctic Council Arctic Northern Sea Route round table