RISS Expert Took Part in the 7th «Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security»

The Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Institute for Strategic Studies organized the seventh Ulaanbaatar Dialogue on Northeast Asian Security international conference in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) from June 23 to 24. The conference was held for the first time after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was attended by representatives of the expert community, public organizations and diplomatic missions of Mongolia, Russia, China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, the European Union, Canada and other countries, as well as various UN institutions. Senior expert Yu.A. Kryachkina participated in the conference on behalf of RISS.

During the working sessions of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue, experts discussed a wide range of issues, including modern security challenges and threats in Northeast Asia and in the world, prospects for their neutralization, and the development of economic and energy cooperation in the post-COVID period. The participants suggested that a growing geopolitical divide should be overcame by strengthening confidence-building measures and expanding interaction between different countries.

Ulaanbaatar Dialogue Julia Kryachkina Mongolia