RISS Discussed the Priorities and Interests of Asian States in Africa

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a round table on the "Priorities and interests of Asian countries in Africa" on September 22nd. The event gathered A.A. Tokarev, Head of the Center for South African Studies of the Institute for African Studies (IAS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, V.V. Usacheva, senior researcher at IAS and associate professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation; and RISS profile experts.

The discussion focused on the challenges and prospects of relations between Asian and African powers amid a changing world order. Taking note of the expanding political and economic connection with African states, the participants examined the policies of Asian and Asia-Pacific nations on the Black Continent.

The potential for non-Western nations to cooperate with Russia was also identified, as was the possibility of using interstate associations and other international forums to strengthen the global discourse of those nations.

APAC Africa Asia round table