RISS Hosted a Conference on "Russian Society in Global and Local Contexts"

On October 20th, the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a scientific and practical conference on the findings of a representative sociological study, "Russian Society in Global and Local Contexts," that was carried out in 2022 jointly with the Federal Research Sociological Center (FCTAS RAS). The event was chaired by RISS Director M.E. Fradkov.

FCTAS RAS Academician M.K. Gorshkov and leading researchers of the Institute of Sociology, who contributed to the project, took part in the debate.

Opening the conference, M.E. Fradkov stressed the importance of sociology in developing constructive proposals for enhancing social relations in modern conditions. It was noted that the conducted sociological studies of Russian society simplify our understanding of citizens' attitudes, help to identify their key needs and expectations, and allow us to timely respond to both internal and external challenges.

Researchers of the Federal Research Sociological Center of the RAS shared the project's key findings and assessments of the socioeconomic situation of Russians, their values and behavioral attitudes, and the most common strategies for adapting to dynamically changing living conditions and the situation in the labor market.

The participants focused on the importance of continuing joint work on a comprehensive study of Russian society to work out effective measures of state social policy in Russia.

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