The Communist Party of China in a dialogue with the world community

On September 7–10, 2015 Bejing held an international forum «The Party and the World Dialogue – 2015» on strengthening the party leadership in China and its contacts with foreign partners on special cooperation issues. This event was connected with a range of measures to implement solutions of the IV Plenary Session of the CC CPC (October 20–23, 2014), aimed to stregthen «the rule of law», legislative basis of the social and state-builging with so called «Chinese characteristics».

The aim of the forum is to inform the representatives of foreign political, diplomatic, scientific and public circles about the work of Bejing leaders on party construction and discipline in the ranks of the Party. It was made, obviously, not least because the depth and the scope of «improvements» in CPC ranks could really raise questions on reasons, aims and tasks of yet another «Cheng Feng» («the Rectification Movement»), which, in fact, usually (for example, in 1960-s) led to mass repressions. That's also the reason why the dialogue was quite a timely measure.

The forum also had as a task to facilitate discussion for organizers to get analytical estimations of CPC inside politics for future adjustment of internal political methods and the party construction.

For these purposes a great number of foreign political leaders were invited to the forum. According to Chinese representatives,  these people can get message of Bejing government across to their countries and thus improve attitude to China. A representative of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies was also invited to deliver a report at the forum.

Chinese participants emphasized, in particular, that the situation in the Party is quite callenging due to low discipline, corruption, hedonism and moral decay,  as well as a lack of «right reaction» to solutions of the central bodies of the party.  And as CPC is the only ruling party with complete responsibily «for building socialism with Chinese characteristics», they think, it can ruin all plans on social and economic construction and «Chinese dream» in general. Moreover, as it was said, the party itself, and even sovereign Chinese state can be in danger. Therefore the position of the government on corruption and other violations is so tough.

Foreign participants of the dialogue in Bejing, spoke, mainly, in support of anti-corruption measures with the need for transperancy and public control, along with international cooperation on bilateral and multilateral basis.

All the participants of the forum had a high opinion of the level of organization and informative talk.