Head of the Group for Balkan Studies made a report at the “Balkan Dialogue – 2015”

The scientific and educational conference “Balkan Dialogue - 2015” organized by the Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund was held in the Serbian cities Novi Sad and Belgrade on June 17-22. The international conference brought together about a hundred young specialists to discuss urgent problems in international relations, economics, politics, and international journalism. Representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia, and Montenegro also were among the active participants of the conference.

Head of the group of the Balkan countries Nikita Bondarev made a report on “Maidan” in Macedonia - the main threat to stability in the Balkans”. The speaker analyzed the causes and origins of the Macedonian crisis: “Today the majority of the protesters in Skopje are ethnic Albanians. It is obvious that the US intelligence agencies and the Bulgarian security service organized a “war of compromising evidence”. We can observe the unity of the anti-Russian forces in the Balkan region”.

The participants of the conference also attended the event of NIS company (NIS - Petroleum Industry of Serbia is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft), where they had a lively discussion about the priorities in the work of large Russian business in Serbia and the Balkan region as a whole. As a conclusion top specialist Vitaly Solonetsky reminded the participants about the Gorchakov Fund’s mission and goals: providing support to the public diplomacy, offering assistance to participation of the Russian non-governmental organizations in international cooperation and ensuring active and efficient involvement of institutions of the civil society in the foreign policy process.