The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies celebrates the 25th anniversary

A quarter of a century ago, in February 1992, the President of the Russian Federation decreed the establishment of RISS. Over the years, the institute has brought together experts in various fields of research activities: politics, economics, sociology, military affairs, and culture. RISS gained significant experience, which allows moving to a qualitatively new level of development, corresponding to the challenges imposed to modern analysis and the priority tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation.

The institute staff expresses gratitude to all those who headed RISS and devoted their lives to strategic studies.

Today the institute employs more than two hundred people, including 53 holders of academic titles and degrees. During 25 years researchers have prepared a number of analytical publications and reports on the most topical issues: regional development, policy of leading countries, international conflicts, military and political crises, practice and theory of strategic studies and its organization abroad. Special attention is paid to global aspects of socio-economic development of the modern world, the activities of international organizations and associations.

RISS is actively cooperating with foreign think tanks in Switzerland, France, China, Vietnam, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, South Korea, and other countries. Institute’s experts are active participants of international and regional expert forums and conferences, as well as frequent guests on TV and radio.

Emphasizing the important stage of the institute’s development, RISS Director M. Fradkov noted: “Bringing together experts of various scientific fields, RISS should focus on the systematic study of global problems and challenges and the identification of the major worldwide trends that will define the socio-economic and political landscape of the future global space. The confidence of the President of the Russian Federation is the most important resource to successfully accomplish institute’s objectives.”