The USA is trying to destabilize China

The USA is seeking to destabilize China using even the religious factor, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko commented on the Vice President Mike Pence's speech at Hudson Institute. "We should pay attention to his speech because it is dedicated to one country – China. The speech lists specific steps to weaken China's dominance," the political scientist pointed out.

The Vice President also paints China as foremost threat to US. He accused China of election meddling. stressing that it uses cyber attacks and other non-standard methods. VP Pence noted that the retaliatory duties imposed by Beijing during the trade war would strike a blow to the production of voters that actually elected the current American president. "By using these measures, Beijing discredits Trump before the upcoming midterm elections," the analyst said.

In expert's opinion, the tense rivalry with China, according to the US Vice President, is primarily caused "not by Washington's desire to maintain its global leadership, but by Beijing's desire to be seen as a global power. This leads to conflicts."

As for the religious issue, "the acute religious problem in China is discussed by American analysts and politicians. The Vice-President has also spoken out about it. He stated that the Chinese government was oppressing religious minorities. The idea that a strong regionality and a difficult religious situation in China can be used to destabilize the country has been a widely discussed issue in US expert circles. It is likely that the US will try to implement it," he concluded.

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