USA pushing Brazil to war with Venezuela

Apparently, the USA is pushing Brazil to war with Venezuela to overthrow the legitimate President Nicolas Maduro. At the same time, the US will stay away while solving the Venezuelan "problem" at Brazil's expense. But as it now turns out, Brazil doesn't seek to be the first country that will send its troops to Venezuela, RISS expert Igor Pshenichnikov considers.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in an interview with a local radio station revealed his views, and in fact American plans for the situation evolving in Venezuela. Bolsonaro didn't make a secret in his interview that "Brazil and the United States work together to provoke a split in the Venezuelan army." According to the Brazilian President, "it is the armed forces that decide whether a country lives in a democracy or in a dictatorship." He didn't rule out a possible military invasion of the Brazilian army in Venezuela, but at first he would "listen to the National Defense Council and then the Congress." Bolsonaro also noted that in the case of the overthrow of President Maduro, a guerrilla warfare would start in Venezuela. This war will be conducted by Maduro's supporters against the Venezuelan authorities.

Brazilian President has recently met the US President and considers Trump his idol. What does Bolsonaro's statement mean? First of all, America is trying to "finally resolve" the Venezuelan problem not on its own, but using the armed forces of Brazil and probably Colombia.

Secondly, the main goal is to split the Venezuelan army, which is currently united. This means that America considers the Venezuelan army as a serious military enemy, which is a deterrent for the United States and its allies in Latin America.

Thirdly, the military invasion in Venezuela is likely to be delayed, as the US goal of persuading the Venezuelan army to betray President Maduro has not yet been achieved. Fourthly, the Americans analyze the skills of the Venezuelan army to conduct a guerrilla war in the tropical jungle. They believe that the Venezuelans are quite ready for this. This means that the expected result of the military invasion is not obvious for the US and Brazil, I.Pshenichnikov underscored.

"It is evident that Bolsonaro is hesitant about Brazilian military invasion of Venezuela. It is one thing to support the US in words when the US itself is directly involved in a military action. And another thing is to enter the Venezuelan territory just with the verbal support of the United States. USA is pushing Brazil to war with Venezuela," RISS expert pointed out.

"Washington will stay away while solving the Venezuelan "problem" at Brazil's expense. If the military invasion is successful, the US will attribute the victory to themselves and start cherry-picking. If it is fails, the US will blame the Brazilian military leadership or something else. The US has a very advantageous position. Bolsonaro understands this and is torn between the desire to please his idol Trump and the danger of being caught up in the military invasion with sad consequences for him. That is why he says he will give the Brazilian Congress the opportunity to decide whether Brazil should invade Venezuela. Bolsonaro expects that the Congress will reject this decision, and he will be able to save face in front of the White House," I.Pshenichnikov concluded.

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