Migration crisis as an indicator of EU collapse

The migration crisis threatens to destroy the EU, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya considers. "We can observe some separate blocks that are united by their approaches to the migration problems and the future of the EU. The problem is that for the past two years countries have not been able to develop common criteria and migration policy that would suit everyone," she added.

She noted that some several blocs, which look at the migration problems in a different way, have already been formed. For example, the Visegrad Group (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary) initially refused to accept quota refugees. At the moment, the countries of Southern Europe, led by Italy, are also actively speaking on migration issue. Most of the migrants are streaming into Europe from the South, and the Dublin Regulation provides for responsibility for refugees from these countries. Such states as Greece and Italy, which are the first to accept the flow of migrants, are against it, explained O.Petrovskaya. In her opinion, the states of Southern Europe are primarily talking about redistribution, stressing that they can not bear such a heavy burden.

In their turn, Spain and Portugal suffer from the emigration of their citizens who leave for other countries in Western Europe. On the contrary, these states are interested in the inflow of workers. "The problem is that refugees do not want to stay in Spain and Portugal. They then migrate to the richer European countries as Germany, France, or Scandinavian countries," RISS expert said.

The EU countries also do not have a common approach to the technical and personnel strengthening of the FRONTEX agency, which is engaged in the protection of the external borders of the EU. "The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Finland are against redirecting large funds to FRONTEX. On the contrary, Spain believes that funding should be increased. Another conflict is brewing," RISS expert pointed out.

Migration problem is closely related to what the EU will be like. "Will the EU be able to solve the migration issue, as well as many other problems? This crisis may become quite acute in the elections to the European Parliament. It may become a topical issue in the domestic political struggle," she concluded.

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