Blackout pushes Venezuelan parliament to declare state of emergency

Venezuela’s National Assembly, which is under the control of the opposition, has announced a state of emergency amid the sweeping power outage in the country. The current authorities labeled the ongoing blackout an act of sabotage and the result of US cyber attack.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido who earlier declared himself the country’s interim president said that the state of emergency would make it possible to request international assistance to resolve the crisis. He stressed that the issue had been discussed with Germany, Japan, Brazil and Colombia.

However, according to Igor Pshenichnikov, an expert at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, Venezuela’s National Assembly has no real resources and levers to take specific measures, so everything that has to do with the state of emergency will boil down to bombastic statements. In this case, it’s just rhetoric used by the opposition to create conditions for the Washington's actions in the future, the paper quotes him as saying.

For his part, Boris Martynov, Head of the Department of International Relations and Russian Foreign Policy at MGIMO University, told the paper that a US false flag plot line should not be taken off the table.

"It is essential to realize that a total outage affects not just elevators or, say, household appliances. Control over the airspace, and the country’s protection systems are shut off. That’s why one can say all that was done on purpose," he explained.

The expert added that the United States made a blunder by deciding to support the civilian opposition rather than the military who traditionally has the final word in Latin America.

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