RISS expert participated in the teleconference "Moscow-Yerevan"

Head of the Group of Advisers to the RISS Director V. P. Kozin took part in the teleconference between the Russian-Armenian Information Center in Moscow and the Institute of Oriental Studies (Yerevan) on July 30, 2015.

During the fruitful conference participants discussed recently achieved in Vienna results of agreements on the Iranian nuclear problem (INP). The panelists gave a positive assessment of the package of agreements, prepared during the negotiations by a group of international mediators, including Russia and representatives of Iran.

The expert noted that the Vienna agreement can contribute to the transformation of the Middle East region into a weapon-free zone. V. P. Kozin reminded that the Russian Federation is ready to hold a relevant international conference in 2016 and actively supports the idea of establishing in the Middle East region a zone free of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

According to V. P. Kozin, after the entry of the Vienna agreement into force the USA and the European Union countries must cancel all trade-economic and financial sanctions. Washington should also abandon the construction of its operational antimissile weapons systems in Romania and Poland, which have no relation to the problem of the Iranian nuclear program, but thoroughly destabilize the military-political situation in Europe.