The Trump team's diplomatic maneuver

The President-elect and his team will have to reckon with Russophobic lobby in the country’s establishment

Top candidate for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s tough statements are a kind of diplomatic maneuver. This opinion was expressed by RISS expert Konstantin Blokhin.

On January 10, in his interview to the Washington Post newspaper, Tillerson stated that “Russia is a threat,” as “it has invaded Ukraine, including the taking of Crimea, and supported Syrian forces that brutally violate the laws of war.”

“Russophobic lobby in Congress has always been one of the strongest, so it will not take drastic steps to normalize relations with Moscow in order not to discredit itself,” commented Blokhin. He noted a large number of influential figures among the American establishment, “who have not left the state of euphoria of the 90-ies and believe that the main US goal is to establish a Pax Americana (American world).” He stressed that “all Barack Obama’s steps aimed at deterioration of bilateral relations between the United States and Russia.” “A lot of generals considered as hardliners and representatives of the oil lobby in the Trump team cause a great concern,” the expert said.

“Trump’s policy is more pragmatic and realistic, as the US doesn’t have sufficient resources to contain China, Russia, and fight against the Islamic world at the same time,” Konstantin concluded.

Emelyan Marakhovsky

Trump USA