RISS analyzed the first 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency

Main features of Trump’s foreign policy in different world regions in conditions of the aggravated international situation were discussed in the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

Summing up Trump’s presidency, RISS analysts noted the numerous difficulties faced the new administration during the implementation of his pre-election promises. Experts emphasized the apparent inconsistency in U.S. foreign policy related to opposition forces in the USA and the international arena.

The experts reviewed in detail the approaches of the new administration concerning the European allies and NATO, as well as the US actions in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Latin America. Various economic factors that may influence the U.S. foreign policy were analyzed.

During the discussion, special attention was given to the influence of the U.S. foreign policy steps on the Russian interests in the international arena.

Meeting participants expressed their intention to continue further analysis of Washington's foreign policy actions, taking into account all factors, including the internal political situation in the USA.

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