President Putin's visit confirmed the growing authority of Russia in the Middle East

President Putin's visit to the Middle East has confirmed the growing authority of Russia in the region, but despite the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, it is too early to speak about the cessation of armed confrontation with the terrorists, RISS expert Vladimir Fitin said.

“We have to destroy the various terrorist groups scattered throughout the country, particularly in Idlib, which are a true cancer on the body of Syria. There is also the problem of the relationship between the Sunni tribes and the Kurdish troops who ousted the Islamic State militants from the east of the country,” the expert explained. He also noted a major role of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides created by the Russian Armed forces, which will continue active work in this area. Russia still has two well-equipped military bases in Hamima and Tartus, and if the terrorists try to “raise the head,” our country will conduct military strikes against terrorists.

The authority which Russia has earned in the region after destroying one of the most dangerous terrorist threats in the world allowed the leaders of countries having ambiguous relations with each other to sit at the negotiating table. “The fact that the situation in Syria is determined precisely by Russia was confirmed even by A.Merkel, stating that Russia plays a major role in the settlement,” concluded the orientalist.

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