Ankara launches a military operation against Kurds in Syria

It is unlikely to expect an escalation of Turkey's military operation in the North-East of Syria in coming days, RISS expert Georgy Sosnov said. "Ankara expects a reaction from the Americans, Europeans, and Kurds. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the Turkish government is determined to achieve its goals, " he underscored.

Ankara launched the military operation on Monday. Before the opening of the Mejlis regular session, President Erdogan stated that he had given the United States three weeks to withdraw from the Turkish border. After this deadline passed, the Turkish army deployed armed forces near the Syrian border and launched an airstrike against Kurds on Syria-Iraq border.

According to RISS expert, Kurdish and Syrian Democratic Forces had begun to retreat. The USA has also begun to withdraw its military advisers from the front line.

"Turkey needs a 30-kilometer safe zone along the Syrian border in order to ensure security there. The prairie is much easier to control. This is the only strategic and tactical Ankara's goal," G.Sosnov explained.

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