Meeting of the RISS Director with the Pakistan National Defense University delegation

RISS Director M. Fradkov received the Pakistan National Defense University delegation headed by Director of Institute for Strategic Studies and Analysis Major General Ghulam Qamar on April 25, 2017.

During the conversation, experts paid great attention to regional security. The parties discussed the prospects and possibilities of bilateral cooperation in counteracting international terrorist threat and settlement to the Afghan problem. General Qamar stressed the need for greater involvement of regional powers and the use of various international formats for resolving the political situation in the country.

It was stressed that Pakistan attaches great importance to the role of Russia and China in stabilizing the situation in Asia, while the policy of the new U.S. administration in the region is not currently a stabilizing factor, but complicates the situation in Central and South Asia.

M. Fradkov noted that there are good opportunities for Russia and Pakistan to develop cooperation at the expert level. Mr. Ghulam Qamar appreci

ated the contribution of RISS to the development of bilateral relations and deepening scientific cooperation between the two countries.

The delegation also consisted of General Bashir Muhammad Umer, Commander Nizar Bilal Abdul, General Khan Ajab, Commander Anwer Mustafa, Dr. Tanvir Kireshi Ahmed. RISS was represented by Deputy RISS Director, Head of Centre for Asia and the Middle East A. Glazova, Chief Director Adviser K. Kokarev, Head of Sector of Asia B. Volkhonsky, Assistant Director for International Relations A. Dudar, research fellow of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic and Defence Studies K. Blokhin.