Washington's hegemonic ambitions multiplied

2018 year has finally indicated Trump's foreign policy milestones, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. "The initial assessment of the foreign policy doctrine of the 45th US President as isolationist was not justified. All classic isolationists remained in the early 20th century and are unlikely to return. Washington's hegemonic ambitions have not disappeared, but only multiplied," he underscored.

In expert's opinion, the successful signing of a new agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada is the most significant event of this year in the US policy. This agreement is the most important thing that Trump was able to achieve, as so-called interaction between the US and the DPRK has not actually result in anything but talks in Singapore. As a result, Democrats who opposed Trump either evaluate his activity neutrally, or on the contrary criticize him for "flirt with dictatorship."

In the Middle East, the world hegemon's policy has become more unambiguous. The White House has clearly indicated that it is ready to intervene in the Syrian conflict, and the US does not intend to leave Afghanistan. Close US partnership with Saudi Arabia has also failed. Despite their mutually beneficial contracts involving huge sums, after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi Washington was forced to reconsider its attitude to Riyadh. Relationship between Turkey and US will remain strong. The US has approved the supply of Patriot missile defense system to Turkey. The Embassy opening in Jerusalem was also an important event in the world hegemon's policy in this region.

According to RISS expert, Washington's policy returns to the Monroe doctrine model as a basis in the Western hemisphere. He noted that under Bush Jr., the US has weakened its influence in the region. This allowed the states of the "left turn" to succeed. Now the White House has reduced its contacts with Cuba and is acting harshly against Nicaragua and Venezuela. We can see the return of the old policy of "the stick that works better than the carrot," I.Kravchenko said.

As for the US foreign policy in Asia, expert drew attention to the trade wars with China that have reached a new level. He noted that these countries are dependent on each other, so it will be impossible for Washington to influence China by introducing new tariffs.

"We can see Washington's attempts to contain and demonize our country as much as possible. Trump is the most anti-Russian US President. If he needs to expel diplomats, supply "Javelin" to Ukraine, or support European partners in accusing Russia, he does it quickly and easily. There are no attempts to normalize relations on the part of Washington. The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty has put a "cherry on the cake." Such trends lead to destabilization of the entire system of international security," the analyst concluded.

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