RISS Conference on China-Russia Strategic Cooperation

Russian Institute for Strategic Studies held an international conference «Russia-China Strategic Cooperation in the Age of Globalisation and Eurasian Integration» on the 25-th of September 2015, organised by RISS and «People's Daily» Online newspaper.

In his opening speech, RISS Director L. P. Reshetnikov emphasised the important role of strategic cooperation between Russia and China in crisis and tough economic environment. While working on integration, it's of great importance for Eurasian neighbour countries to look for new ways of cooperation and points of economic growth, said L. Reshetnikov.

On behalf of the Chinese side, the welcome speech was delivered by Counsellor of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in RF, Head of General Analysis Department Chang Xuhong. She characterised relationship between Russia and China as «the best relations throughout history, profitable for both countries, with no opposition to any other country» and expressed her confidence that «the conference can give kind advice and recommendations», as well as facilitate «unbiased estimation to national and regional development of PRC and RF».

In his speech to the participants of the conference, MFA Ambassador at Large, Russian President's Envoy for Shanghay Cooperation Organization (SCO) B. M. Khakimov emphasised the importance of the conference agenda and shared his view of the Russia-China cooperation, pointing out the necessity for joint efforts to find adequate response for global challenges.

More then 40 experts took part in the conference, including Chargé d'Affaires ad interim of Molgolia in RF Battumur Chemmedorj, Deputy Governor of Sevastopol А.V.Reshetnikov, Deputy Director The Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences А.V.Ostrovskiy, RISS First Deputy Director К.А.Kokarev, Deputy Director of the MSU Institute of Asian and African Studies А.N.Karneev, Deputy Director of the Centre for Russia of the East-China Normal University Yang Cheng,  experts of the RISS Centre for Asia and the Far East, representatives of Chinese and Russian mass-media.

Participants of the conference spoke on wide variety of questions on Russia-China cooperation. The main emphasis in the reports of А.V.Ostrovskiy, А.N.Karneev and А.G.Larin was given to integration of the Chinese project «Silk Road Economic Belt» (SREB) and Eurasian Economic Union (ЕАЭС). The experts made estimations the combined projects and marked current risks and tasks. Most researchers think positive of the joint development of the two projects.

Great interest was attracted to the report of the RISS First Deputy Director К.А.Kokarev who told about success and difficulties, which Chinese leaders met with on the way to corruption control and said that the scale of taken anti-corruption measures shows of a great scale of the problem. К.А.Kokarev investigated potentially new sphere of cooperation between the two countries, speaking of the idea of cooperation in combating corruption. Such cooperation is of special importance when it comes to working for future infrastructural projects of joining ЕАЭС and SREB.

Head of the sector for Asian research B.М.Volhonskiy reported on water consumption in the context of integration. He analysed the way to settle the problem of the water use in Eurasia and emphasised the need to work out a model of water use in SCO countries.

Expert of the RISS Centre for Economic Research N.N.Troshin gave a report about position of BRICS states on reforming the world financial system and spoke for more active work of the expert community in development of the new quota calculation formula of the IMF countries.

All the reports are planed to be published in the book of the conference proceedings.

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