RISS Director on the Belt and Road Forum

Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Mikhail Fradkov commented on the outcome of the Beijing international Belt and Road Forum:

“The signal that has been sent from Beijing to the world community is distinct and pragmatic. The strength of the arguments today is not in the loud claims to exclusivity and world leadership, but in painstaking and constant work on building mutually economic cooperation among the world countries. Our Chinese partners have found successful project linking the interests of many peoples. It is relevant and in demand. The current model of globalization has faced a crisis. The answer to this crisis is protectionism, the desire to dissociate itself from the world, to build new barriers. Such answer is unacceptable for most dynamically developing countries. This can clearly be judged by the list of forum participants. The presidents and government heads of 30 world countries signed the final communiqué of the forum, calling for an open and beneficial globalization process.

The important thing is that this forum clearly demonstrated a new quality of Russian-Chinese relations. Our countries are not just partners; our relationships are the backbone for building a new global economic and political system. Russia proposed the model of “a great Eurasian partnership” and made positive contributions to achieving common goals: modernization of the Baikal-Amur Mainline and Trans-Siberian Railway, construction of the Northern Sea Route. This is the specificity that requires the identification of early problems and finding solutions in the interests of all participants. The feasibility of the project depends on this.”

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