G20 Summit Climatic Results

Can Germany and France to persuade the USA in the benefits of the Paris agreement?

One of the most important issues at G20 Hamburg summit was the discussion of coordinated steps of the international community combating climate change. D. Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement on 1 June 2017. The basic argument of the U.S. President called the apparent contradiction of the terms of this international instrument to the economic interests of the United States, which he considers paramount. However, despite the fact that since this statement has passed more than a month, the real mechanism of withdrawal from the agreement was not announced yet. In addition, trump said that the revision of the climate agreement, the United States can resume its execution.

The most developed European countries – Germany and France are highly interested in U.S. participation in the Paris agreement. On the one hand, they are among the most active supporters of the development of low-carbon economy. On the other, after the US withdrawal from the agreement, they, apparently, will have to increase their investments in the Green Fund of the UN, established to provide financial support to developing states to adapt to climate change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was initially skeptical about the US return to the Paris Agreement. In her opinion, it was impossible to reach consensus on this issue at the summit. So for Germany, the meeting of G20 leaders in Hamburg was rather a starting point for the resumption of dialogue with the US on climate issues. The new French President doesn’t leave attempts to persuade D. Trump to change his view of climate issues. E. Makron has repeatedly stated that the United States made a mistake by leaving the agreement. In its turn, Washington confirmed its desire to continue international cooperation in certain areas related to climate change, but outside the framework of the Paris agreement, that can be considered as an important positive outcome of the summit.

President of Turkey R. Erdogan claimed that Ankara will not ratify the Paris agreement. This decision, according to him, is due to a possible decrease in payments to developing countries from the Green Fund of the UN by the reason of the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement. It is also necessary to take into account the internal contradictions in the country. In accordance with the national legislation of Turkey, the climate agreement must be approved by the Parliament. But the Party of Justice and Development, which has the majority in Parliament, is skeptical about it.

However, Turkey has put its signature under the final communiqué of the summit. In this document, the G20 leaders declared their commitment made in the Paris agreements and the need to continue work on the implementation of the agreement. The U.S. position was taken into account. At the summit Russian President V. Putin especially highlighted the efforts of Germany in this area.

At the end of the G20 summit, the French President stated the need for continuation of the discussion of the climate agenda at a high level. It was announced the intention to hold a climate summit of state leaders in Paris on 12 December 2017, exactly 2 years after the historic meeting, where was concluded the Paris agreement. A key theme of the event, according to the French President, should be the financing of development of low-carbon economy and problems of implementation of the climate agreement.

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