Trump shuffles his team

Trump replaced the Chief of Staff, but this is unlikely to significantly affect his political course, RISS expert Ilya Kravchenko said. "We see that whoever comes, whoever leaves, Trump's policy remains unchanged," he added.

The political scientist recalled that recently Nick Ayers, Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence, claimed that he rejected job as Trump's Chief of Staff. Media pressure on the public consciousness in order to impose a demonic Trump's image gives its results. Now any personnel changes are perceived as if the 45th US President is so bad, conflicted and uncontrollable that only the most crazy, loyal and fanatical person can cooperate with him. For example, under Obama's presidency there would be no such problems.

According to expert, Robert Mueller's investigation is unlikely to bring serious personnel problems to Trump. "Even the Democrats have already admitted that it would be beneficial to adjourn the investigation for an indefinite period to prevent the President from relaxing. Most likely, if Mueller had found something, some results of investigation would have already been made public. Now it is clear that the prison sentences that several people received do not correlate with a demonic image attributed to Trump and his team. The background around the US President is extremely negative, but no action has been taken yet," RISS expert concluded.

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