Conflicts between Ukraine and Poland in the area of memory politics

There will be no improvement in Ukraine-Poland relations

Different views on history have provoked a clash between Polish and Ukrainian truths, RISS expert Oleg Nemensky points out in the analytical article of RISS journal “National Strategy Issues”. Warsaw and Kiev always differs in assessing historical events. State ideologies of these countries are based on such a different vision of history that this doesn't lead to a mutually acceptable conflict settlement.

Nemensky added that this crisis was caused by Warsaw and mainly related to its historical memory policy. "After the coup in 2014, Ukraine found itself in a difficult international situation. Kyiv lost the opportunity to "blackmail" its Western partners with its foreign policy tools. Ongoing economic crisis and the internal military conflict have put Kiev in aweak position. It has become totally dependent on Western assistance. Under these circumstances, Poland, which is being a traditional defender of Ukraine's interests in Europe, started to dictate terms to its neighbor. As a result, Warsaw's anti-Ukrainian rhetoric is growing stronger, and the Polish government conducts an opposite historical policy," Nemensky explained.

RISS expert underscored thatconflicts between Ukraine and Poland in the area of memory politics were characterized by political asymmetry. Warsaw is actively attempting to revise history and aggravates Poland-Ukraine relationship. Ukraine hopes that Warsaw will change its views on historical policy. But it is unlikely that Poland-Ukraine relations will improve, he believes.

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