Trump-Duda meeting as vote-winning ploy

Polish President Duda became the first foreign leader to visit the White House since the coronavirus pandemic began. Trump-Duda meeting was an attempt to gain a pre-election windfall; this is a mutually beneficial cooperation for both Polish and American leaders, RISS expert Oksana Petrovskaya says.

Duda was hoping that appearing on the podium with Trump may play well ahead of the upcoming election. Like the USA, Poland is deeply engaged in strengthening transatlantic security and supporting NATO’s missions throughout Europe. By receiving Poland’s president in Washington, Trump may give Duda a probable electoral boost just four days before a presidential vote. Trump said at a press conference that he was sure that Duda would become the Polish president again.

The presidential elections will be held in this November in America. Trump should focus more intently on conducting presidential race; his approval rating has now declined due to the pandemic. It is very essential for Trump to gain the voices of Polonia (the Polish Diaspora in the United States). Previous elections in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were decided by these voters. This is crucial for Trump to maintain good relationship with the Polish elite as he should make a favorable impression on his voters.

Discussions have focused on the issues of military cooperation, which would grant Poland with extra US military assistance. “But there was no breakthrough. Trump said there was just a possibility more US troops would be sent to Poland than agreed on previously. In his turn, Duda in a press conference claimed that the United States and Poland were aimed at countering the alleged Russian threat. He stated that Poland was a valuable ally of the United States and it would protect Europe from the imperialist Russia,” Petrovskaya concluded.

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